Wet vs. Dry Macular Degeneration

Wet vs. Dry Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a disorder of the retina and the leading cause of irreversible vision loss for people 60 years old and older. An estimated 10 million people will develop this disorder in their retirement years. The macula is a small part of the center of the retina essential for sharp, straight ahead vision. As… Read More

What You Need to Know About LASIK

What You Need to Know About LASIK

If the idea of LASIK surgery to correct your vision seems too good to be true, or if you’re intimidated by the thought of a laser coming anywhere near your eye, read on. There are some things you need to know about LASIK before you make your final decision. History of LASIK When researchers first… Read More

Do I Have Cataracts?

Do I Have Cataracts?

Has this ever happened to you: You’re driving home after dinner and struggle to keep your eyes on the road because the headlights and traffic lights seem especially bright and have odd “halos” around them? Do you find yourself rubbing your eyes in hopes of eliminating the cloudy vision you’ve been experiencing? If you answered… Read More

4 Ways to Make LASIK More Affordable

Woman dropping a coin into a piggybank

Most people who have had LASIK surgery claim it is one of the best decisions they ever made. However, the average cost for LASIK is around $4,500 and we know that some people are not sure if they can afford it. If you are anxious to ditch your glasses or contacts but not sure how you will… Read More

5 Surprising Facts about Cataracts

Senior couple smiling and embracing

A cataract is simply a clouding of the lens of the eye and it can be caused by age, medical conditions, or genetic predisposition. The protein clumps up in your eye, clouding your lens and reducing the light from reaching the retina. There are three different types of cataracts and some of the most common symptoms include… Read More

How to Take Care of Yourself After LASIK Surgery

Woman drinking coffee

LASIK surgery is a safe procedure that can be performed in the space of an hour. You can enter a doctor’s office needing glasses and contacts and ditch your lenses that same day. But just because LASIK is a routine procedure, doesn’t mean people are not required to take proper postoperative care of their eyes. Why is… Read More

How to Afford LASIK Eye Surgery

Group of women in a car laughing

Eager to get LASIK but unsure whether you can afford it? If you are getting LASIK, you want to opt for an experienced laser eye surgeon with great reviews and recommendations. This means that you’ll be out roughly $3,000. If you are already sold on the value of LASIK, now it’s just a matter of… Read More

Top 5 Reasons People Hate Wearing Eyeglasses

Stylish woman in glasses

Almost all people who wear glasses have their own story of hatred for their spectacles. It could be due to limited movement, functionality, convenience or appearance. Whatever your reasoning, at Omni Eye we think they’re all valid. Let’s take a minute to go over the complaints we hear most often here at Omni Eye Specialists…. Read More

Cataracts: Common Causes, Symptoms, Types, & Treatment

Doctor examining a patients eye

When you look at an object, the lens in your eye focuses incoming light onto the retina which allows you to see clearly. For light to focus correctly onto the retina the lens must be clear; a cataract is formed as the lens become cloudy. The majority of cataracts are age-related and 50 percent of… Read More

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