How Vision Changes With Age

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Vision in our 20s & 30s

In our 20s and 30s, vision is almost always stable enough to benefit from corrective eye surgery. Deciding at an early age to have a life without glasses and contacts is often a very economical decision, allowing us to benefit from a lifetime of clear vision. This age group of patients can usually benefit from LASIK or PRK.

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Vision in our 40s & 50s

As we start to get older, our eyes start to get drier. This makes contact lenses less comfortable to wear. Also during this time, our natural lens begins to get more rigid and less able to help focus our vision. The need for reading glasses becomes apparent, as things at a near distance start to become blurry. This age group of patients can usually benefit from LASIK, PRK, or Clear Lens Exchange.

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Vision above the age of 60

As we continue to age, we start to notice changes in both the type of eyeglasses we need as well as the quality of our vision (even if we had LASIK early in life). This is due to the natural hardening of the human lens, which is actually the early stages of cataract development. No one is immune to cataracts. It is a natural aging phenomenon.

The human lens becomes more rigid with age and also yellows very gradually over time. These changes are slow to develop and often go unnoticed for years. The yellowing of the lens causes a reduction of light entering into the eye, leaving us feeling a need for more light…especially in a reading situation. This age group of patients can usually benefit from LASIK, PRK, Clear Lens Exchange, or Cataract Surgery.

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